VX-300 TT Heli Engine

The TRM Power 300 TT (Turbo Tuned) helicopter engine is operating with legendary TRM smoothness which provides more power and torque. These engines are designed and built to produce "monster" power for 3D Performance. Give your Whiplash or Helibug conversion some serious horsepower!! THE BEST GOT BIGGER


Performance Modifications:

  • Statically Balanced
  • Ported Cylinder
  • Modified and Lightened Piston
  • Trued & Balanced 1mm Stoker Crankshaft
  • Compression Increased Balanced Flywheel

VX-300 TT With Clutch , Air Filter, Aluminum Isolator Block - $554

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Modifications to your stock NEVER BEEN RUN motor includes Air Filter, Aluminum Isolator Block (Your choice of available colors) - $275

Customer supplied stock NEVER BEEN RUN engines will be inspected.

Shipping - $12 US Only, all others E-Mail for price

Deposits For Modified Engine are NON REFUNDABLE

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