By reshaping of the Exhaust Port, adding Four Eyebrow Porting to the cylinder and increase timing.  The Anthrax modification adds unique reshaping and timing to the exhaust port as well as complete piston modification to produce Optimal Torque and High-Performance RPM’s


Performance Modifications:

  • Increased Compression
  • Timing set to 190 Degrees
  • Different Port Angles
  • Four Eye Brow Design
  • Reshaped Exhaust Port
  • Extensive Piston Modifications
  • Trued Crank Shaft
  • Balanced Fly Wheel
  • Four Bering Modification
  • All Stainless Steel Bolts

Ahrax modified Zenoah G260PUM -With WT-813 Carb and Billet Iso Block - $600

Anthrax modifications to your stock NEVER BEEN RUN engine - $300

Customer supplied stock NEVER BEEN RUN engines will be inspected.

Shipping - $12 US Only, all others E-Mail for price

Deposits For Modified Engine are NON REFUNDABLE

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