The Neurotoxin modifications add extensive reshaping and timing to the exhaust port as well as complete piston modification to the Zenoah G260PUM to produce Optimal Torque and High-Performance RPM’s. This allows a wider range of props to be used on various types of boats.


Performance Modifications:

  • Compression Increased
  • Timing Increased
  • Extensive Exhaust Work
  • Reshaped Exhaust Port
  • Extensive Piston Modifications
  • Trued Crank Shaft
  • Balanced Fly Wheel
  • All Stainless Steel Bolts

Neurotoxin modified Zenoah G260PUM -$500

Neurotoxin modified Zenoah G260PUM - Comes with Aluminum Isolator Block ( Your choice of available colors) - $525

Neurotoxin modified Zenoah G260PUM -With 257 Carb and Billet Block $550

 Neurotoxin modifications to your stock NEVER BEEN RUN engine - $225

Customer supplied stock NEVER BEEN RUN engines will be inspected.

Shipping - $12 US Only, all others E-Mail for price

Deposits For Modified Engine are NON REFUNDABLE

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