What is the recommended needle settings for my TRM Motors Carburetor. (257, 643 & 644) These are break in settings ONLY.

A: 257 - Low Speed 2 to 2-1/8 HI - 7/8.

A: 643 & 644 ~ Low speed - 1-1/4 Turn Out ~ Hi Speed - 2 Turns

Q: How should I break-in a new Toxic Racing Machines Motor?

A: It is important to break-in a new motor to allow the all the various parts to settle properly. It is important to use the same oil for break-in that you plan on using long term. Run the Engine rich for at least two full tanks of fuel. Vary the speeds at which you run the motor, reving up and down, at no more than half throttle.

Q: What’s the recommended oil / fuel ratio?

A: Because the high performance of TRM Engines, we recommend that you run at least 7 oz. of oil per gallon of fuel. We recommend Mercury Quicksilver Premium Plus, Yamalube R, or Honda HP 2. AMSOIL Dominator

Q: What’s the proper warm up procedure for my TRM Engine?

A: To keep your Engine running at peak performance, you should allow your Engine to warm up before blasting away at full throttle. Avoid launching your boat at full throttle. The piston warms up faster than the cylinder, so when you first drop your boat in the water, do a couple of laps at half throttle to let the engine come up to ideal operating temperature.

Q: What are the dyno ratings of the TRM Engines?

A: Dynometers are excellent tools for measuring the performance of a Engine while it is attached to the dyno. But the real performance measurement of a Engine should be based on it’s performance on the water, where the Engine experiences wildly varying loads and running conditions. Also, it is not possible to compare the dyno results of one Engine with the results from another dyno. There are so many conditions and properties that can be easily altered it is possible to have the dyno read virtually any HP and Torque readings that are desired.

Q: Will my boat run X mph with a TRM Engine?

A: The speed of a model boat is based on many different parameters. The Engine is only one of the key variables. The type of tuned pipe, propeller, boat setup and other factors also play significant roles. The top racers spend countless hours tweaking every little parameter to get the maximum performance from their boat. Starting with a high performance TRM Engine provides a solid foundation for maximum speed from your boat.